Circles, Dots and Movement

I am always going from one project to another, while one is in it’s creative actualization, another one is being created. It is all about the creative flow, the logic behind the development of the pieces, this one before that one, this experience leading into that experience.

Even colour choices seem to flow into one another. Trips, conversations, music and visuals influence my productivity.

The idea of painting dots came to me as I was sketching an Iranian Opera, called Tap X Forbidden , that was created for the Tapestry Opera Company. The large scale dot series began in my studio in Toronto, from the sketches. The dots are a pulse, a rhythm, an invitation to the cosmos.

The musical score was beautifully rhythmic and I had responded to the melody by making a dot for every beat. It didn’t make sense to me until I took the information back to the studio and tried to enlarge the piece and create a composition. The dots suggested a journey and a multilayered perspective.

I made the work larger on canvases sized 5’ x 6’, using acrylic paint as a backdrop and water based oils on top to add shimmering light or darker depth.

Elements of weather came into to play as influencers, such as rain, as well as objects in nature magnified through a lens until they reached abstraction.

At the Tyrone Guthrie Centre Artist Residency in Ireland I encountered Faerie Circles, which introduced both a historical, and spiritual inspiration to the composition.

Bold colour, the sequence of pieces and their attachment and embodiment of the “thin place,” the distance between the spiritual world and the world as we know it, came into focus to direct the newest pieces.

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