Residences in 2018

This was a busy year with three wonderful opportunities to work collaboratively and internationally with other artists.
A photography course in Havana , Cuba, provided me with skill development and encouragement to learn to take photos of the architecture, residents and dancers residing in Havana.
It was an extraordinary trip and the city was viewed from so many different points.
I learned to use a camera and I had it by my side, in use, from morning until night.
I started to see things from the vantage of the lens.
In April, I had a short sojourn to work on my next cookbook, by visiting the food markets of  Paris. I was looking for visual, culinary ,spiritual inspiration and inspiration. I certainly found it and a new and enthused new direction.
In August I was in residence at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Ireland , where I painted large scale abstractions of fairy circles, created studio sketches of dancer and choreographer Marcello Carini of Palermo Sicily and of the Irish Contemporary Dancers with John Scott and Valda Setterfield.
I continued my research for the cookbook by adding Irish country cooking to my repertoire, and generously helped by the cook Lavinia, from the Tyrone Guthrie Centre.
Many , many thanks to my collaborators at both the Irish College in Paris, France and the Tyrone Guthrie Centre , in Ireland. And also to Danny and Milly, my photography instructors.
irish contemporary dancers rehearsalirish contemporary dancerstyrone guthrie centre
elizabeth greisman w i p tyrone guthrie centreelizabeth with works in progress tyrone guthrie centre 1

with the irish minister for culture josepha madigan

Elizabeth with the Irish Minister of Culture 

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