Cooking with Nanna – The Grandmother and Child Cookbook

So Elizabeth……….

What prompted this???

While thinking of  a creative and nurturing and practical skill building time to spend with my darling granddaughters, as they got older, and to pass on a love of food, cooking for the family, to pass on the skills of excellence and independence and  appreciation of markets and seasonal produce….and just to have a way to have fun and authentic dialogue in our busy, busy , world, 

To teach how to set a table, the art of conversation, the elegance of  a so-called bygone era when social skills were just as captivating as business and professional skills, to learn to art of diplomacy, to make people feel welcome, to learn how to run a kitchen , to learn to economize, to learn to have style and substance in a shifting world of fortune and emphasis and priority, To learn to nurturing skills of being a woman, To bring the family and guests together in unison and to light the candles and to set the mood.

I conceived of this cookery book to give to you, Grandmothers with a lifetime of knowledge , wisdom and experience, style and charm

Gifted to the newest generation of superstars,  life explorers, shapers of destiny as the world changes .

I gift to you the embodiment of family values, traditions and innovation, dialogue of excellence and an appreciation of delicious foods cooked without artifice and to learn pride in one’s nurturing  and loving skills….

Let’s  learn how to cook , my grandchildren!

cooking with nana


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